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" Being a proud owner of an excellent three bed flat at "Sri Lakshmi", Alwarpet, I have all admiration for LCS for their best use of construction materials and wonderful customer friendly relations. The discussions, suggestions during the days of construction were highly valuable, pleasant & memorable and the journey into the new home was highly enjoyable."

Dr. V. G. Chandrasekaran, (Retd.)H.O.D,
Tamil Nadu Govt. Collegiate Service (LCS 'Sri Lakshmi' Mylapore)

V. Arvind, Professor, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai
(LCS "Krishna Kuteeram" Srinagar Colony)

"have never come across a developer so appreciative and accommodative of the user needs; never ever over the past 7 yrs or so since we got our premises handed over have we repented the decision to engage with LCS in the first instant; a truly top class dwelling unit design, specifications, feel and experience that definitely makes me yearn to come HOME, any day, all days; would any day vouch for an LCS Dwelling Unit to be an Owners Pride and the Neighbors envy truly a dwellers delight"

R Mohankumar, Principal Business Development, IDFC Ltd
(LCS 'Sri Vignesh T.Nagar)

"Its been a decade since "Karpagam" has been constructed and we do appreciate the quality & plan. Even visitors observe positively on the well ventilated & well utilised floor plan, I would recommend LCS to any prospective client. I would also like to endorse that if in future, I need to construct an apartment, I would certainly approach LCS developers. Thank you for not only building apartments but also building relationships.

(LCS "Karpagam" Mandaveli)

"I have been associating with LCS group for the past 15 years. Their transparent & professional approach in their time bound projects have been a plus factor always. I wish them all success in their future endeavours."

Dinesh Shah, Poonam Textiles
(LCS "T.A, Enclave" Velachery and LCS "Charukesi" T. Nagar)

"A unique "state of art" home built for satisfying every family need / emotion. Effective space utilisation with great level of functionality is ensured. The usage for natural lighting and well crafted woodwork displays their fine aesthetic sense."

Dr. Chandrasekar Raja
(LCS "Kamakshi Krupa" Adyar)

"As a proud owner of Sri Niketan, I am happy to have bought the apartment from a trusted builder like you. The emphasis you place on relationship, quality and traditional aspects in the building are exemplary and go a long way towards sustaining the bond built initially. Yours is a fantastic team of professionals, yet, it was more like doing business with someone you know personally. I must also appreciate your flexibility for accommodating my vaasthu needs within my apartment that was stated in the early stages of the project. Another point that LCS scores over competitors is that many of your projects are carefully chosen in prime areas and are competitively priced. With a little more eye for detail, timely completion and big projects of the scale of T A Enclave and more, I am sure you would definitely live to the tagline of 'city maker'. All the best and thank you."

Ramkumar Velu, Project Manager, Infosys
(Owner: LCS "Sri Niketan" T. Nagar)

"Proud owner of Semi-Independent unit no.23 with its class of construction it is a wonderful and lovely house to stay. The outside is a marvelous "Master Piece " FROM THE MAKERS OF "LCS CITY MAKERS PVT.LTD."

(LCS "Prabhupuri" Rajakilpakkam)

"A spacious beautiful independent dwelling unit, so aesthetically designed to even minute details. A dream house, a worthy investment of our life time. Thanks to LCS CITY MAKERS."

Lakshmi Venkatramanan
(Owner: LCS "Prabhupuri" Rajakilpakkam)

"I own a Prestigious Flat in the heart of Chennai City developed by LCS City Makers. My experience with them in all transactions relating to this property purchase has been quite happy and satisfactory. What makes LCS different from other builders is their customer oriented approach exhibited by not only the Promoters/Directors, but also by each and everyone of their engineering and administrative staff members. Their willingness to show maximum flexibility within the ambit of building regulation norms for customizing the construction to match the client's needs helps them to build strong and lasting relationship with their clients. By maintaining high standards in terms of quality of materials used for construction, by attractive architectural designing and by keeping up delivery schedule strictly as per agreed time, they have built a sound reputation for themselves as one of the well respected Real Estate Developers of Chennai. No wonder customers don't go to any other Developer for any further property needs."

R. Manjula
(Owner: LCS "Sri Lakshmi" Alwarpet

"I am extremely satisfied with LCS CITY MAKERS services, especially clear cut payment terms and absolute transparency. Further, I am quite impressed with detailed documentation on customer's options and additional works, which avoids any ambiguities and also speaks well of the ISO Standards adherence. I am also quite satisfied with extremely warmth and transparency in discussions and flexibility in payment schedules. In summary, my contract with LCS can be considered as very high in standards with absolute transparency and mutual understanding. I will surely like to consider LCS for my future projects, and one of my most favorable builders."

(LCS "Prabhupuri" Rajakilpakkam)

"LCS CITY MAKERS have been very prompt in answering our queries and coming up with suggestions or alternatives for our requirements. On the overall I am very satisfied with LCS. They actually advanced the delivery time by 3 months to meet our requirements. The construction quality has been very good and we are completely satisfied with that."

Krishnan Mele Naripatta
(LCS "Prabhupuri" Rajakilpakkam)

"LCS - one of the very few professionally managed Home Makers in Chennai. A professional team, having high entrepreneurial skills, is always working relentlessly towards making every project a LAND MARK. Clarity, Commitment and customer satisfaction are their main success mantra. Be it architecture, quality of labor / material or in meeting deadline, none can match them.There are well trained staffs at LCS whose courteous customer care can never go unnoticed. I had a wonderful and pleasant experience throughout. Wishing them all success in their future endeavors."

T. Balasubramanian
(LCS "Adiga Manor" Alwarpet)

"I have great pleasure in extending this letter of appreciation to your company who promoted the residential flats at No.5, Gandhi Street, T.Nagar, Chennai 17 under the name "Sri Vignesh Apartments". Right from the time, I booked my apartment in this project, I was pretty much impressed with your promptness in delivery, sticking to your designs with the end product and the quality that associated the construction. I am a happy and extremely satisfied resident in this venture for the past six plus years. I wish you every good luck in your future endeavours. Happily I will say that I looked for a house and you gave me A HOME. May God Bless you

V. Nagarajan, Chief Manager (Retd.) City Union Bank Ltd.
(LCS "Sri Vignesh" T.Nagar)

Having lived at T.A. Enclave for 2 years now and having had a wonderful experience living there during this time, I think Anu and I owe a note of appreciation to LCS City Makers. Looking back, we had a very smooth experience in purchase and registration of the flat. All expenses were explained to us in a very transparent manner and there were absolutely no hidden costs anywhere. Our requests for customizations were readily accommodated and this has greatly helped in shaping our home to our needs. We also had a hassle free hand over process of our unit, which we appreciate.

After moving into our new home, following are some of the features we appreciate the most:

All in all, we are very happy with our experience with LCS. We wish you the very best in your future developments.

Jaideep and Anu, Directors, Green Evolution Architectural & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
(LCS 'T.A.Enclave' Velachery) Luxury Flats in Chennai

"We are pleased to inform you that we are very happy with the way things were handled from the 1st day to the day the keys were handed over. A job well done!"

S. Rajasathyanarayana, Chartered Accountant
(LCS 'Prabhupuri' - Rajakilpakkam)

G S Murali (IT Analyst, TCS)
Flat Owner LCS Anugraha, Vengaivasal

I am writing this letter whole heartedly about the employees of LCS City Makers Pvt. Ltd. I am 100% satisfied in all aspects of your service. To begin with the Marketing team, they are very kind to the customers, flexible in taking inputs from the customers, work on the same and finally make the customers satisfied and assure smiling faces of the customer at the time of handover of the property.

Next, the excellent personnel in Admin, who had helped me a lot during the registration process and bank loan hypothecation, he is very kind to customer, keep up timings, extend his help to any extent during registration and even during his vacation, he had guided me in all the process.

Last but not least, are the Customer Care personnel. They have outstanding qualities. Whenever, I called them for queries related to construction, even during Sunday evening, they will speak as if it was a working day. For each question we ask, they will explain the whole scenario about the query, at the end make me satisfied with their answers. This happens not only for me, but for all customers. They are the most sincere persons, their kindness towards customer queries, cannot be defined in words. They helped me a lot in making arrangements during housewarming ceremony of my Flat I4.

LCS will not give up any of the promises, committed to the customers, in all the future projects LCS is going to take up. Making every customer satisfied is the thing which is impossible, but LCS had made it possible.

There may be more LCS employees who where behind the screens, with whom customers, have not interacted with, but still I believe they also contributed towards customer satisfaction.

Finally, I want to thank you sincerely, Sir, for you have framed such a quality team. Surely, I will recommend all my friends, relatives and neighbours, to buy a house built by LCS. I strongly believe you are not building houses but “HOMES”, where satisfied hearts will always bless you, your employees & their families. Please keep me posted on all your projects my maid ID (umashankargp@yahoo.co.in).

Umashankar G (IT Analyst, TCS)
Flat Owner LCS Anugraha, Vengaivasal

Yesterday I got the keys for P1 unit and I would like to convey my thanks to the entire team of LCS CITY MAKERS PVT. LTD.
I would like to convey my extended thanks to the Marketing & Customer Care team for the way they have handled he things from the very 1st day till the day the keys were handed over. They were always approachable and we are extremely satisfied with the way our concerns are addressed. I am sure that, if in case I going to buy more property in the future, the first builder I would prefer will be none other than LCS.

Senthil Kumar M (Hexaware)
Flat Owner LCS Anugraha, Vengaivasal.

We found details about your Vengaivasal Project through Newspaper. We went through with you because of your reputation in Chennai. Your service throughout the period has been good. Hoping to get continued service from you.
Thanking you,
L Ramprasad (Manager – Production, Michelin)
Flat Owner LCS Anugraha, Vengaivasal.